The Play Cafe

In recent weeks the Play Café has really taken off, not through any great advertising campaign but simply by word of mouth. The last two weeks we have had over 60 people in attendance (roughly half children, half adults) and we have had a lot of fun exploring the same theme that our Sunday schools are looking at this term (God is…).   There have been lots of songs, prayers, games and generally a lot of noise (ticking all the boxes for what church is really!). In July we will be taking the Play Café on an outing to Kew Gardens which is very exciting as well. Many people comment that they love the Play Café because it has a great atmosphere and a real sense of community, we are trusting that many families will come to faith as we continue to share about who Jesus is and why He is worth following. God is definitely at work here on Friday mornings, why not come and join us by helping to serve drinks and cake, chat to parents or even lead a song or two (and save everybody from James’ dulcet tones!), we would love to have you come and join in this exciting outreach to the community.

James: 07596 005285