Live Well

Sarah is running another Live Well course this term, on maintaining good mental health and emotional well-being.

The course is over 6 sessions, from 7.30pm – 9.30pm beginning with food. There are limited spaces, and we are almost full, but you can always register for the course beginning in January 2020.


Session 1 / 1st October:We cover the neuroscience about how our brains are wired. Did you know we can change patterns of behaviour and thinking? We cover some top tips for a better mood.

Session 2 / 9th October:We look at the different parts of our brain, anxiety, stress and resilience. Understanding our brains helps us to feel a bit more in control when we feel overwhelmed.

Session 3 / 30th October:What are you thinking? We think about our negative automatic thoughts and thinking errors. Is your internal dialogue healthy and positive?

Session 4 / 13th November:How do we heal from trauma and wounds in our life? How can prayer help us to heal?

Session 5 / 27th November:The difference between guilt and shame, the power of vulnerability and the importance of boundaries.

Session 6 / 4th December:What now? What you focus on is what you get …

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