As a parish we want to be generous, giving of our friendship, support and money to others that together we may see God’s kingdom come.

Partnership means we do this as friends learning and growing together.

Mission means we want to be effective in working with God to see his kingdom come.

We do this through

  • Prayer: relying on God to sustain, inspire and help us
  • Financial & resources support: giving sacrificially of what we have to enable our partners to be effective in mission (in 2017 we plan to give approximately £2000 to each of our four partners)
  • Friendship: building close long-term relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Practical service: serving each other in practical ways to be effective in mission
  • Learning: learning from and with our partners
  • Prioritising the poor: partnering with those who are living among or are serving the poorest and most vulnerable

Our local mission partners

Crosslight Advice – a charity working to combat poverty and hardship caused by the burden of unmanageable debt and lack of financial capability.

The Shelter Project Hounslow  –  a joint churches initiative in Hounslow running winter night shelters for homeless men in the coldest months.

Our global mission partners

Tearfund – working in the poorest countries and communities in the world to see them lift themselves out of poverty (we are particularly linked with their work in Eastern Uganda)

Many people across Uganda live in destitute conditions below the poverty line. In practice, this means countless families have limited access to clean water, health facilities and sanitation. Most survive on an unpredictable income that fails to consistently guarantee the next meal.

These problems can best be addressed when local communities take ownership of change and lift themselves out of poverty.

Research has shown that communities in which the Tearfund partners are working will have a

  • 40% drop in the incidence of childhood diarrhoea
  • 50% increase in crop diversity (measured by the number of households growing at least four types of crop)
  • 50% drop in the number of households going to bed hungry
  • 30% increase in the level of hope for the future
  • 30% increase in the number of women who feel able to speak in community meetings

We support each of our main mission partners financially (around £2000 in 2017) through prayer & friendship.

Church Mission Society – supporting Heather Johnstone in Tanzania who manages a project supporting women and children in crisis – who don’t have food, clothing, or shelter