My vision for the parish of Brentford is that it’s a place where everyone’s loved, everyone matters and everyone’s involved. 

For Everyone to be loved we need to grow in our relationships and fellowship with each other, not just on Sundays but throughout the week.

For Everyone to matter we need to share our faith with others and be a place where those in our community meet Jesus.

For Everyone to be involved we need to take part, offering our time and talents, because we can only do this by pulling together!

Here’s what I’d like us to do…

Pray together

If you want to be part of the growth and spiritual regeneration of this parish, then please make prayer a priority this term.

We will be giving each of you a prayer card which we hope you might slot into your Bible or stick on your fridge, with prompts to help you to pray. We will also be looking at what it means for everyone to be loved, everyone to matter and everyone to be involved over the next few Sundays in our sermons.

As well as praying on your own, we’d love you to come along to six Sunday evening events we are holding this term, as we pray and seek God’s ideas on how we move forward as a parish.

Click here for details.

Put all six in your diary and commit to coming to pray for this Parish as St Paul’s and St Faith’s together. 

Discuss together

What do you most enjoy about our services, and what would you change? How can we do things better and be more welcoming? This is your opportunity to have your say and be heard.

We want to speak to as many of you as possible, to help us understand how you feel and what we need to do to help encourage you in your Christian journey of faith. This isn’t just about the possibility of changing service times, it’s about our prayer life, worship, preaching, community engagement and so much more!

How will it happen?

We’ll be having an open discussion meeting after our Sunday services where we’ll ask you to fill in a paper questionnaire, and then we’ll ask some open questions to invite you to discuss your ideas together in small groups. I will take away your feedback, and then we’ll meet again a few weeks later, after the 10am Sunday service to share your feedback and ask some more questions. I will also be coming round the Parish to various mid-week meetings to have an open and honest discussion, and hear your thoughts.

Meeting after the 10am service

30th September & 14th October at St. Faith’s

7th October & 4th November at St. Paul’s


Please do put these dates in the diary and make these events a priority.


If you’d like to speak to Sarah more fully, one to one, please get in touch with her to arrange a meeting: