Service time changes 2019

As you know we have been having consultations across the Parish of Brentford, which covered a number of issues, including the proposal to change the service times to:

  • 8.30am at St Paul’s to remain the same
  • 9.30am at St Faith’s
  • 11.00am at St Paul’s

The consultation was carried out by paper questionnaire, focus groups and group discussion after the services. Our PCC voted on this change at the meeting on Tuesday 13th November. We appreciate that this will involve change and adjustment for everyone, and that there will be an impact on us all. However, we believe this to be a positive step forward. Changing the service times will enable clergy to be present at the 9.30am service and the 11am service, which will bring cohesion and consistency. Additionally, it would mean that James, our Children and Families worker would be at St Faith’s each week, and in conjunction with other helpers, can build up the Sunday School provision in order to provide it weekly. This change will take effect from Sunday 6th January 2019. A number of other things were also agreed:

  1. That this would be a 12 month trial period.
  2. That refreshments would be available at St Paul’s after the 11am service
  3. That we would have an informal feedback session once a term after the service to see how people are finding the changes
  4. That we will have another consultation in Jan 2020 to measure the impact of the change, but also to assess other areas of improvement in response to the feedback.

Please be assured that this change will be reviewed regularly and that there will be ongoing discussion throughout the year.